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Chapter ten discusses audio technology in the classroom. These items would incliude technology such as podcasting, and other audio/visual work.

´╗┐Student Assignment:


We thought it would be a great idea to come up with a project using both audio and our Colonial America Unit.
In this assignment, the students will each be divided into groups of two-four. Students will be given one significant event from the Colonial American Era to research and create a news cast via podcasting. In this news podcast the students will be corrospondents reporting what was going on at the time. Each member in the group will have a significant role to play in the assignment. Two of the group members will act as "corrospondents". One will be on the "scene" and one will be in the newsroom. The group will work together to conduct research and write a news report script to give to the "corrospondents".

Students will report on one of the following events:
- Ferdinand Magellian being the first person to sail around the world in 1519
-The Jamestown settlment of 1607
-The landing of the Mayflower and the signing of the Mayflower Compact in 1620
-The King Philip's War of 1675
- The 1688 Quakers protest in Pennsylvania against slavery in America.
-The Salem Witch Trials and Hysteria of the 1690s.

Resources Used:

This site gives children an accurate timeline and access to pertinent information about the events listed above.

This site provides detailed information about the settlement at Jamestown.

This site provides all biographical and historical information regarding Magellan.

This site recounts the action occuring around and before the King Philip's War.

This site provides commentary and an account from the Salem Witch trials.