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ReadWriteThink has hundreds of lesson plans that are based on curriculum standards. This website utilizes current research to design their lessons and is sure to keep any teacher up to date. ReadWriteThink also has printable handouts, student interactive, calendar interactives, and parent resources.

Teacher Tube is an area on the web where teachers can post videos of their lessons, instructional videos, and help videos for students to view at home when they need some extra assistance, or just for fun. These videos are put through a screening process and are guaranteed safe for student to use. Not only is this website great for students-- teachers and parents find it valuable as well!

Google wave is a real-time tool online that allows students and teachers (or whomever else wants to use it) to create a community where videos, maps, pictures, and words can be exchanged. These "waves" can be private or public! Google wave is a place to collaborate and communicate in real-time and is a great tool for students working on group projects or for overall classroom discussions.

The National Archives is a government run website that allows students to research governemt documents and much, much more. This site is mostly useful for history and English classes. It offers a wealth of information that is safe and 100% accurate. When using this website, students can rest assured that they have a great primary source that their teachers will not question.

Grammar Book is a website that provides an immense amount of information about grammar and punctuation. The website has instructional videos and free interactive quizzes. Grammar Book gives real-world examples to help engage students as well as provides helpful hints and rules that are clearly explained.

Famous Poets and Poems is a website that students can explore to learn more about poetry and the people who write it. The website allows students to actually read many poems and quotes that have been written/said by people like Maya Angelou, Edgar Allen Poe, Langston Hughes, Robert Frost, etc. This website also provides a short biography on each poet. Famous Poets and Poems is a fantastic place for students to explore and discover the world of poetry.

A comprehensive site of over 4000 lesson plans covering every subject area, at any grade level. This site also includes teacher's blogs and worksheets to be used within lessons. Free to educators...

This site provides video tutorials and gives students the ability to receive additional help in any mathematical topic of their choice. It covers all areas of mathematical content found in the PA Department of Education standards. It can be viewed in English or in Spanish.

Writeboard is free, and it makes it easy to write without fear of losing or overwriting a good idea, and can compare different versions of a document. It is good for students and groups collaborating on a paper.

A searchable archive of teaching materials for every grade level, in many subject areas. Especially good material in area of math. Broken down by Pre-K, K-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12.

Most games are suitable for elementary and middle grades, but also relevant for reinforcement of math skills used at the secondary level. They are organized by grade level, content, and game type.

Free math tutorials and problems to help you explore and gain deep understanding of math, calculus, trigonometry and geometry topics. Focus is on higher learning and secondary mathematics.
This website contains teacher resources and lesson plans for all subjects. It also includes thematic units and activities to incorporate in class.
This site links you to experts in all subjects for general knowledge in a specific field to carreer advice in a particular proffesion relating to you field of study.
Three years ago, Discovery began to look at how Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) could be incorporated into historical documentaries. CGI had already been used successfully to create fantasy worlds and even bring dinosaurs back to life, but what if you could take it one step further? What if you could recreate the faces of famous, historical figures and witness what they said and did during any one day?
This site from the University of Northern Iowa list digitized primary sources for topics in American History.
A site of interactive games and animations related to all aspects of history for all grade levels.
This site answers questions such as:
How did we get where we are today? The story lies in American history, world history, ancient history, and more, and you can witness these events through video clips and news from these exciting Discovery Channel programs.

This website allows teachers to access a significant amount of lesson plans for every subject, as well as allows for teachers to stay in touch with students by posting announcements, blogs, photo galleries, quizzes. etc.

This website provides students with an array of telementoring projects that allow them to gather real responses from experts in certain fields. These experts range from scientists to business people.

This website allows for students to go on virtual field trips. Their Virtual Field Trip Collection is a wonderful way to teach and learn about the outside world. You can travel to museums, exotic islands, and even outer space.

This website allows students to conduct contemporary or historical investigations by accessing primary and archival sources. This site offers eyewitness accounts as well as world history archives.

This website allows for students to access games and other activities pertaining to any area of history. It also gives activities that pertain to current events as well.

This website provides games, videos, stories, and activities that allow students to take a look at people, places and things, all around the world.

This website allows educators to access a collaborative database of lesson plans submitted by teachers around the country. This site is ideal for any area of education.

This site allows students to find an expert of their choice. Students can formulate questions and email the expert. This could be used in the English field for creative writing, or essays.

Google has compiled a collection of virtual tours of Museums around the world. This is a great link to take students on a virtual field trip without leaving the classroom.

This site is a database of a collection of sites dedicated to Benjamin Franklin. It could be used in both the History field and the English field. Students can use the site for research papers.
This site allows students to have fun
while practicing all aspects of grammar.
For example there is a fishing for phonics game.
This site provides an opportunity to explore all of Shakespeare works to
explore a work that could interest them to research or write a reflection of.

"By teachers, for teachers," Teacher's Network archives various lesson plans, curricula, activities, and other resources. All of the material has been written and shared by teachers from across the country.

More of a resource site, this blog is broken down into different sections, each archiving posts about various aspects of grammar and writing. Questions can be emailed to the administrator, but lists of previous questions also exist and can be searched.

As we have successfully done in this class, Google Docs allows students to write back and forth with each other, edit each others work, and share thoughts with one another all over the computer, and all in real time. Teachers or writing tutors can use this as a long-distance tool to assist their students as well.

The University of Texas at Austin has compiled this on-line collection of material relating to Edgar Allen Poe. Letters written by him and too him, manuscripts written by him, and sheet music written for his poetry are just a few of the areas that are covered by this site. The site does not include plain-text copies of his work, thus it is meant to be a companion to Poe's writings, or a source for research.

More for Middle School students than High School classrooms, this site has a series of fill-in-the-blank or multiple choice games that test students' grammatical skills.

Science Fiction is the topic of this website. It hosts forums, reviews, book lists and news stories all relating to science fiction and fantasy writing.