Discuss with your group members how you have used technology to create a universally designed classroom in your lesson activities. Write a short report of the points you discussed.

Post Any Ideas Here:

Computers that are compatible with current assistive technology such as the on screen keyboard, ability to magnify the screen, and auto books, make it possible for students with a wide range of disabilities or preferences to participate in lessons and activities. Other uses of technology discussed were websites that allow different ways for students to interact with each other and with us such as google docs, skype and oovoo. Smartboards in the classroom can be good for visual and tactile learnings, since the smartboard is very hands-on. Devices such as a digital camera can be ideal because they allow movement in the classroom and can engage any type of student.

Designing a universally designed classroom that is accessbile to everyone cuts down on the need for individual modifications. It saves time, and is ideal for all types of learners.

-As crazy as it sounds, I see hand-held devices, even cell phones, becoming more and more commonplace in the classroom, perhaps even being issued to students. Certain guidelines and limitations would have to be placed upon devices that are being specifically used in classes of course, but the benefits could be amazing. Email, wikispace communication, grading, even testing could all be completed on the hand-held. Teachers could potentially direct each students phone to a particular page as well, so that when they are in class, the phone or device can only be on the teachers selection. Perhaps my opinion will change once I actually am present in a classroom in which students abuse their cell phones, but I have seen hand-held devices used very successfully in business, and I think they could benefit students greatly.