Webliography Assignment

Web/Bib Assignment
The Wongsters
Sara Gottlieb, Andrew Foley, Gina Laverghetta, Yvonne Saxton, Patrick Smith, David Sorrentino
Field Trip to Pennsbury Manor
January 30th, 2011 (revised May 1, 2011)

Annotated Bibliography and Webliography

Beine, J. (2009). The welcome of william penn's fleet. Retrieved from


Reconstructed Ship Passenger List: Deal to Pennsylvania, 1682. This genealogy project shows who was present on the ship and what their relationships were to one another; it also gives a list of possible passengers. This document allows for students to identify the different classes of people that were on Penn’s ship along with their individual roles during the voyage.

Education World. (1996). EDmin.com. Retrieved May 1,

2011, from http://www.educationworld.com

In 1996, the founders of EducationWorld recognized the need to create a home for educators on the Internet, a place where teachers could gather and share ideas. This website is a complete online resource that educators can visit to find high-quality lesson plans and research materials.

Gordon, Thomas. (1829). The history of pennsylvania, from its discovery by europeans to the

declaration of independence in 1776 (Google Books), Retrieved from


Book gives an extensive history of Pennsylvania from when it was first founded through to the Declaration of Independence. William Penn had a great deal of influence on Pennsylvania; therefore, it is crucial that Pennsylvania be studied from its inception to 1776.

Mattern, J. (2010). William Penn. Chelsea House Pub.

This book is a bibliographic reading of William Penn's life. The book takes a look into the life of the colonial leader who is, William Penn. This book will be beneficial for students because it will give them clear insight into what Penn's life was actually like. Students may read this book before visiting Pennsbury Manor in an attempt to activivate prior knowledge during the field trip.

Miller, Doug. (n.d.). Pennsbury manor. Retrieved from http://www.pennsburymanor.org/

This website links directly to the Pennsbury Manor website: Pennsbury manor is a recreation of Mr. William Penn’s country home. The manor is meant to reflect Penn’s idealist views of rural living as opposed to crowded, city living. Pennsbury Manor can be accessed via boat or by road-- it is located off of the major highways of the surrounding area (Morrisville, PA).

Penn, William. (1670). Letters to his father while imprisoned. Retrieved May 3, 2011 from http://www.ushistory.org/penn/pennletter.htm

Created and hosted by the Independence Hall Association in Philadelphia, USHistory.org is an online resource for United States history as it relates to, and has taken place in, the Philadelphia region. The section of the website devoted to William Penn gives a brief history, a sampling of his writings, including letters written to his father, a time line, and a short history of his dealing with the Lenape Indians.

Planning a trip. (2011). Informally published manuscript, Department of Math, Drexel University,
Philadelphia, PA. Retrieved from http://mathforum.org/library/view/5727.html

This website will help students plan for William Penn’s first trip to Pennsylvania: Voyage of the Welcome. William Penn sailed to Pennsylvania with one hundred other passengers on The Welcome. This article gives teachers a platform/lesson plan for a field trip project as well as activities that can be utilized.

William Penn. (2010). Independence hall association. Retrieved January 30,

2011, from http://www.ushistory.org/penn.html

This website provides a brief history of William Penn, a timeline, and quotations; it also gives further resources for students to learn more about Penn. Penn was the founder of, what would eventually be known as, Pennsylvania. Penn lived from 1644-1718 and was a visionary of the United States Constitution.